Spring Serenade

Wild violets and crocuses breathe

life into otherwise bland green.

Bland only until the wind blows,

when the green becomes a lake

of rustling life.


Dew drops rest on fresh flowered petals

as finches sing to the universal beat

of footsteps. A hummingbird

flits through the air as rapid

as the heart beat within it’s cavity.


Beetles, butterflies, and bees zoom

past your face, the flapping buzzing sound

stops you in place.

Exoskeletons and stingers just aren’t pretty

like the wings of a changed caterpillar.


The sun is shining but the sky is slumping,

small pops of waterdrops hit the ground.

You hear them but you don’t see them,

until suddenly, you feel them.

Spring might still be there tomorrow.


Wintertime Sadness

The music starts quietly, feet

follow slowly, minds and arms sway

like unspoken thoughts to the beat.

Glittering sparkles of white lay

atop hills and valleys of fad-

ing light, every step a soft punch

in immaculate light gray.

The children laugh and sleigh bells ring.


Footsteps falter over wet sleet,

the only thing you can do? Pray

that your feet are sure and will meet

the ground without a mishap, may

be the ground will allow your stay.

If not, your face will surely touch

the ground as those around you play,

the children laugh and sleigh bells ring.


Snowflakes waltz, singing such a sweet

song as they whirl past and away.

They fly like miniscule doves, cheat

their way from the ground to just laze

upon skyscrapers, deserve praise

for rising up from the low, much

like the best acrobats, awestruck,

the children laugh and sleigh bells ring.


All the young ones would like to stay,

but fresh off the stove yummy lunch

is good enough to tempt away.

The children laugh and sleigh bells ring.